Olmec Head


At Olmec, we act as trusted advisors at all times to many of the world’s leading MNC’s, SME’s and Start Up businesses. Our key objective is to become a virtual extension of our clients by understanding them thoroughly including the structure of the company; reporting lines; key individuals; objectives of the business, culture and the ongoing needs of the operation in general. These methods enable us to provide the utmost value to our client’s business over the long-term. Our commitment to true partnership is unyielding.

Many of our clients engage us at the strategic planning stage in order to gain our insight into the market; understand recruitment trends such as salary levels and talent availability and to generally strategise with us as to how best to attain and retain the best talent in the marketplace on their behalf.

The Olmec methodology is unique and engages our customers throughout the process. We take a highly consultative approach and believe the key to any successful assignment is the investment of time and learning before the commencement of the assignment. We put together a tailored and comprehensive search strategy designed to not only take advantage of our extensive network within a global market but also to drive a thorough research process to recognise key talent in today’s market. This ensures that we source candidates from a truly global talent pool but are able to do so in a timely manner. We have built a sophisticated tracking system over the years that charts individuals, companies, functional expertise and industry sectors which again enables us to identify, categorise and successfully approach this key talent on behalf of our clients.

The ‘Olmec 10-step Approach’ ensures we provide a repeatable, high-quality process every time. Clients can therefore be assured that our proven methodology will result in a successful solution every time.