Olmec Head


Whilst providing a capability akin to the ‘Big 5′ Executive Search firms, we are able to do so more time and cost effectively. Due to our commitment to ‘doing more with less’, we are able to dedicate research and consulting resources to our clients ensuring a swift turnaround.

As a private company, we are unburdened by large corporate overheads enabling us to tailor our approach and cost structure to the demands of the assignment, ultimately creating a win-win for all parties.

Olmec embodies true partnership. As trusted advisors, we offer advice, consulting and insight to our clients to help them succeed in their own competitive workplace. We support them through upturns and downturns in the economy through the provision of our additional services (see Olmec Consulting) such as Outplacement, On-Boarding and Succession-Planning.

Olmec only employs ‘career’ recruiters and research professionals; with an average of over 15 years expertise in recruiting key professionals in their industry sector, our team supports our clients with comprehensive knowledge, extensive networks and a dedicated methodology honed over many years of completing successful assignments. In addition, our Partners in the business are the ones who undertake the assignments on behalf of our clients; we do not delegate to support associates.

Our High-Calibre-Talent tracking system has been developed over many years. This infrastructure captures key data and intelligence on the very best candidates in the market and harnesses the information in one centralised location. The Tracking System effectively acts as an up-to-date database of the very best potential individuals in the passive job market – it is not a historical database of unemployed or active candidates. Our mantra is that the very best candidates are generally not responding to advertisements or registering their resumes on recruiters databases – instead they are in their current roles performing on behalf of their employer and will only be interested in our clients’ opportunities through a direct approach for a relevant position from the Olmec team.